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Save the WaterTM Archives | Friday, August 6, 2010 | CBC News | shared as an education material

Stricter rules for motorboats coming in fall 2011, but not an outright ban. More stringent rules for recreational motorboats on Saint John’s water supply are coming — but not until next year, and not the complete ban the city wants.

Officials with Saint John Water have renewed calls for a ban after a truck spilled dozens of litres of oil into Ratcliffe Brook last month. While that accident’s proximity to the city’s water supply was unfortunate, many people use motorboats on the Loch Lomond and Musquash watersheds all summer.

The City of Saint John doesn’t want motorboats in its water supply, but the province sets the rules.

Paul Wilson, who manages the drinking water source protection section with the Department of Environment, said that a lot of property owners near Loch Lomond Lake would have to boat elsewhere if they brought in a complete ban.

Instead, the rules will get tougher starting in the fall of 2011: Boats with engines larger than 10 horsepower and engines that mix fuel will be banned at all New Brunswick watersheds attached to drinking water systems.

For Gene O’Connor, who lives near Loch Lomond Lake in east Saint John, the boats and people in the lake mean he has little faith in his tapwater.

“You don’t let dogs swim in your drinking water or boats going in it because you’re automatically going to have something happen,” he said.



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