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Save the Water™ Archives | Tara Cardoso | February 23, 2010 | Shared as an education material

Do you drink tap or bottled water and which one is safer?
A new study out shows us what contaminants have been found in our tap water and which ones aren’t even being tested for. Fox 29’s Tara Cardoso digs up the dirty details on what’s coming out of your faucet.

We asked you about your water and here’s what people tell us, “I wouldn’t drink tap water from the city.”

Another person said, “I drink bottle because it’s more convenient, but I think a filter on tap is safer… less plastics better for the environment.”

Do you know what your putting in your body? In your children’s bodies?
Frank Ramos from Save the Water says, “People drink the stuff and we don’t really know what we’re drinking.”

A new study says you should be asking more questions. The Environmental Working Group, a non profit group, looked at tap water quality across the United States and it says people are worried for good reason.

The study compared water utility records from all across the country. They found contaminants that sometimes go above safety levels like Trihalomethanes, which is a liver toxin. They also found more than 200 chemicals in our drinking water that are not government regulated like cyanide from industrial pollution.

Ramos says, “Everything we have on land eventually ends up in the water.” That’s why Frank Ramos created Save the Water, a non profit environmental group based here in South Florida. The amounts of these chemicals may be small, but he says we are slowly poisoning ourselves as a society. Ramos also claims some of the government standards for pollutants are too lax and too dangerous. He says, “It’s very hard to take it out, but should we be drinking 50 parts per billion of arsenic? I don’t think so.”

But not so fast… according to Florida Atlantic University’s Dr. Bill Louda. Dr. Louda’s an Environmental Biochemist and he says the water quality is not as bad as it seems, “By and large, America has the best tap water in the world.” Dr. Louda agrees there could be more pollutant regulation, but says too much will come at a cost, “If we tested for everything in the water, we could not afford to turn the cap on… we can’t protect ourselves.. from everything we’ve done.”

One of the worst ways we pollute our own drinking water is by flushing old prescription pills down the toilet. Dr. Louda says if you’re really worried about your water, “I would spend the money on a final use filtration system.” That’s because there’s no guarantee bottled water is safe either, he says, because it isn’t regulated at all.

Save the Water is fighting for tougher laws against big industry and its waste claiming the government isn’t really doing its job to fully protect you. Ramos says, “The Environmental Protection Agency protects the environment, as long as the industry can afford it.”
The entire tap water study is available on line and it includes a break down of all water facilities in florida.

You can type in your zip code or your water company and see for yourself exactly what chemicals are in the tap water you’re drinking. 

If you want to learn more about how to choose the right water filter, we’ve provided some help for that too. click here:

For the full study click here:


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