Water contamination: What is contaminated water? Red slime found in Lake Wylie.

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Originally Published
April 02, 2012 5:59 PM
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Despite many successful water projects, billions of people still lack adequate water and sanitation.
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Contaminated water

Red Slime Found In Lake Wylie?

TEGA CAY, S.C. — Pictures submitted by a whistle-blower in Tega Cay last week show a reddish sludge oozing out of a manhole and into a pond at the Tega Cay Golf Course.

Experts think the photos are the sign of a bigger issue endangering drinking water in the area.

The chance of the overflow getting into Lake Wylie is a big concern for resident Joyce Clark and Linda Stevenson, whose granddaughter swims in the lake.“We’re all drinking it and we all have to take care of it,” Clark said.

Stevenson spoke out two years ago when a manhole owned by a private company, Tega Cay Water Service, spewed waste into her neighbor’s yard and the lake.

“It’s the same problem we’ve had forever. They don’t do proper maintenance out here and they don’t replace old equipment,” she said.

Tega Cay city officials said they believe the red slime is only clay or rust from rainwater. They said the manhole was put in by a developer years ago, but never used. They have since removed it.

However, residents still have concerns. They want to know where the water is coming from if the manhole is not in use.

Catawba Riverkeeper Rich Gaskins said the over overflow is a sign of a larger problem — aging sewer systems, sometimes in towns that cannot afford to update them.

“That’s a common problem in the basin. You have old infrastructure and, in this economic environment, it’s hard to keep it up,” he said.

He recently called the North Carolina state treasurer asking for funding for the issues.

In the meantime, Stevenson said she will keep looking for overflows so she can protect the water and her granddaughter.

A group of concerned neighbors in Tega Cay is meeting Wednesday with their state representative to talk about ongoing issues they have with the water service company.

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