Southeast Asia, Malaysia water crisis affecting villages, heightens tension

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Article courtesy of Alisha Hassan | August 7, 2012 | | Shared as educational material only

In Malaysia, water crisis continues to affect daily lives. In central Malaysia, some 40,000 residents have been seeing cuts on a regular basis, and much of the blame has been leveled at Syabas, the country’s water maintenance contractor. Malaysians use more water and remain at home more during the month of fasting from sunrise to sunset, which puts more pressure on resources across the country. “Water consumption is indeed higher every Ramadan and with the current condition where demand has exceeded supply, we fear the worst. “It is best for the Selangor government and all the parties involved to come to a solution,” said Ruslan after visiting residents of Taman Sungai Besi Indah, who have been experiencing on and off water cuts since April this year. The government has said it is attempting to boost resources, but until now, has been unable to provide residents with an increase in water to meet their needs. Ruslan said Syabas is powerless to conduct water rationing exercise, as it falls under the jurisdiction of the National Water Services Commission (SPAN). The Commission said that it was working toward meeting all demands across the country and was pushing forward new infrastructure projects in order to do so. Read more here :


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