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Article courtesy of RadioVop | October 5, 2012 | Shared as educational material only

Bulawayo, October 05, 2012 – Bulawayo Mayor, Patrick Thaba-Moyo, says the city’s water crisis has worsened and there are plans to start importing water from other towns.

The Mayor, who was addressing journalists at a press club in the city, also appealed for rain prayers.

“What I can tell you is that the water situation in this city is now getting worse as our remaining three supply dams are getting dry. If we don’t receive rains in the next coming month they will be disaster in this city,” he warned.

“But as the city council we will not sit and watch whilst our people dying due to water shortages. We have also made some plans to bring water from other towns or from Zambezi River using the National Railways of Zimbabwe goods trains,” he said.

The city’s deepening water crisis has seen more than a million people going without the precious liquid for half a week devastating an already reeling local economy facing massive deindustrialisation.

Recently the local authority asked residents to participate in a “big flush” concurrently at 7:30pm every Saturday evening so that human waste does not solidify in the city’s aging sewerage pipes.

The Bulawayo Mayor also said his council will investigate reports that some manufacturing companies in the city, which are exempted from water shedding, are now selling water to desperate residents.

Last week Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said his office will work hard to resolve Bulawayo’s critical water situation.

Who is Bulawayo

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bulawayo is the second largest city in Zimbabwe after the capital Harare, with an estimated metropolitan population in 2007 of 731 003.[2] It is located in Matabeleland, 439 km southwest of Harare, and is now treated as a separate provincial area from Matabeleland. The capital of Matabeleland North is now Lupane, as Bulawayo is a stand-alone province.

Bulawayo is also known as the ‘City of Kings’, ‘Skies’, ‘Bluez’, ‘Bulliesberg’ or ‘KoNtuthu ziyathunqa’ – a SiNdebele word for ‘a place of smoky fires’.[citation needed] It is a multicultural city with most residents able to speak at least three languages (including EnglishNdebele, Shona, XhosaKalangaSothoNambyaTonga and Venda). The majority of the Bulawayo’s population belongs to the Ndebele ethnic and language group, who descend from a 19th century Zulu migration and are a minority in Zimbabwe.

Bulawayo has long been and is still regarded as the industrial and business capital of Zimbabwe and is home to the National Railways of Zimbabwe because of its strategic position near Botswana and South Africa. It is the nearest large city to Hwange National ParkMatopo National Park and Victoria Falls.

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