VA denies most compensation claims from toxic water wells – Marine veterans left to their own resources

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On August the 7th, 2012, Save the Water™ posted an article in which we were pleased that our veterans and their families would be cared for due to exposure to contaminated drinking water for over 30 years. The article was titled: “Contaminated drinking water news: Obama signs into law groundbreaking bill providing medical care to water contamination survivors – About the Janey Ensminger Act & Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012 included.”

Today with sympathy for our great military heroes we sadly post the following:

Article courtesy of | October 8, 2010 | Shared as educational material only

(LOUISVILLE, KY) – Outside of the military, no corporation could avoid the huge liability for deaths and injuries from poisoned water wells. Camp Lejeune Marines who were injured by the base’s contaminated water wells are getting the shaft. The latest statistics from the VA’s Louisville office on Camp Lejeune’s disability compensation claims show an 84% denial rate for medical conditions claimed by veterans for Camp Lejeune’s contaminated water wells. Lejeune veterans and their dependents are covered for 15 medical conditions under current law but there is no provision for presumptive compensation to those injured.

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