India – Contaminated water issue returns to haunt Peth area – Peth residents battle kaala paani issues – demand clean water

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Article courtesy of Anurag Bende | September 2, 2012 | Agency: DNA | Shared as educational material only

Water woes of Shukrawar Peth residents refuse to end. After DNA carried a report on how Shukrawar Peth residents were getting contaminated drinking water, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) repaired the pipeline leakage. However, two months after the repairs, the issue of dirty drinking water has reared its ugly head again in the area.

On August 25, DNA had carried a report ‘Peth areas getting sewage water in times of scarcity’ highlighting how residents of Guruwar Peth and Shukrawar Peth were receiving polluted drinking water, as the pipelines in this area were very old and there were leakages in them. Due to choked drainage systems, the sewage water was finding its way into the drinking water pipeline, leading to residents being supplied this contaminated water.

After DNA’s report, PMC’s water department had carried out repairs and clean water supply was restored.

However, recently, residents of Shukrawar Peth have started getting contaminated drinking water again. Prabhakar Kedari, a Shukrawar Peth resident, who is suffering from water woes told DNA, “We are fed up with getting contaminated water. All our family members are falling sick due to the use of this water and there is a stench in our home all day.”

Rushikesh Balgude, another resident, said, “A couple of months ago, the problem of contaminated water was resolved by the PMC. However, the issue has come back to haunt us again. We met PMC officials and demanded that this problem be resolved permanently as early as possible.”

When asked about the contaminated water supply issue, Avinash Kamthe, engineer of PMC’s water supply department, said, “The drainage line in this area is choked, and sewage water is entering into the drinking water pipeline again. The drainage department needs to repair the drainage pipeline, after which we will replace the old pipeline with the new pipeline, so that there is no further problem of leakage.”

On going and escalating problem see previous article below.

Peth residents battle kaala paani issues, demand clean water.

Article courtesy of Manoj Bidkar | August 25, 2012 | | Shared as educational material only

Guruwar, Shukrawar Peth residents say they got drainage water in their supply over the last week.

Residents say officials have not taken any steps yet, illnesses are on the rise

More than 400 residents of Shukrawar and Guruwar Peth in the heart of the city claim contaminated water has been running from their taps for the last eight days.

While residents have started reporting acute stomachaches, a Pune Municipal Corporation official admitted water supply lines are transmitting water mixed with that from choked drains.

Citizens are now demanding that PMC’s water supply department provide them clean water.

Locals say they were forced to show officials bottles of dirty water to prove their point. Santosh Pawar, a resident of Gurwar Peth, said, “We have been receiving dirty water for a week. My mother even fell ill because of it.

Our complaints have been ignored. Now, we boil water before drinking it.” A housewife from the same area, Madhurabai Kadam, said, “The water is so dirty we cannot use it to clean anything, forget drinking.” Nitin Borate and Rushikesh Balgude, both locals, said, “We faced the same problem last year.

Officials had visited the spot and found the exact same fault.” Dr Alpana Gokhale of the A S Gokhale Clinic said, “The number of patients complaining about loose motions and acute stomach pains are increasing.

Almost 20-25 local residents affected by water-borne diseases have visited my clinic.”

A water supply department official admitted that supply lines pass through dirty water in choked drains. In some places, pipelines have cracked due to age or corrosion, so dirty water percolates into clean supply.

Normally, pipelines are kept above drainage water with an average life of not more than 10-12 years. Ideally, pipelines should be changed regularly and authorities should clean the drainage system to locate leakages and stop polluted water supply.

A Pawaskar, executive engineer of PMC’s water supply department told Mirror, “We have closed the taps that were complained about. We are also cleaning the supply and drainage pipelines. The problem will soon be solved.”

► The water is so dirty we cannot use it to clean anything, forget drinking.

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