Arab youth work to fight water crisis on international scale.

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Left to right: Ali Abdallah, Ali Mourad, Abess Makki, Dr. Silas Norman Jr, Celeste Arduino, Rashid Al-Mehdi, Muhamad Chbib and Brandon Dalziel.

Article courtesy by The Arab American News |  November 23, 2012.

DETROIT — The National Student Water Association (NSWA) at Wayne Statue University is helping create awareness, and providing innovative solutions to the world’s water crisis.

NSWA President Abess Makki says the group was established by five young Arab American Fordson High School graduates.
NSWA educates students about the water crisis, a global epidemic that affects nearly a billion people annually.

The NSWA’s mission is to provide disadvantaged communities in developing countries with adequate sanitation facilities, and potable water. NSWA student volunteers help address the crisis by constructing and installing piping systems in third-world developing countries, as an ample way to transport the water cleanly and efficiently to those in need. The five founders collaborated together at Wayne State University, to start the organization. “Offering a united and long term approach of water sanitation and hygiene helps eliminate the first step of the cycle of poverty and disease,” said NSWA member Rashid Al-Mehdi.
NSWA is led by WSU Faculty Advisor; Dr. Silas Norman, Jr. Dr. Norman is the Associate Dean of Admissions, Diversity and Inclusion, at the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

He has been involved at WSUSOM for more than 25 years. NSWA is grateful and honored to have an adviser with such noble qualities.
With the guidance and leadership of Dr. Norman, the NSWA looks forward to successfully fulfilling its obligation for the cause.

In order to expand the organization and help more individuals in need, NSWA has decided to file as a non-profit organization. Through networking, the NSWA met with Attorneys Brandon Dalziel and Celeste Arduino of the Bodman PLC. Mr. Dalziel has represented business clients in matters involving a wide scope of corporate health and commercial matters, including corporate organizations, mergers and acquisitions, and other commercial transactions.

Mr. Dalziel is also a Wayne State University alumnus; with degrees from both Wayne State University School of Medicine and Law School. Mr. Dalziel is part of the pro bono committee and graciously provided the NSWA with his time and resources to become an NPO. Ms. Arduino is a member of the Individual Clients and Tax Practice Groups. She advises clients on estate, gift, and income tax matters, and assists nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations in obtaining and maintaining exempt status, corporate governance and general operational issues. She also focuses her practice on estate planning and business planning. Ms. Arduino is also Wayne State University Alumni.

The NSWA is grateful for both of the attorneys’ contribution, and are very appreciative of them serving as legal advisers for the group. One of the NSWA’s goals is to take part in an annual trip to Honduras during spring break, as an alternative spring break option for students in college. Working in collaboration with Global Water Brigades, the trip has already helped many Hondurans and has also humbled many students who have experienced the trip, as it vividly exposes them to the socioeconomic disparities in poverty-stricken societies.

Every student comes back to the United States, appreciative of what they have accomplished through their hands in Honduras, and more so, becomes an advocate in helping create awareness about the issue. The NSWA looks forward to embarking on its journey this spring, and creating a positive difference in the world.

NSWA founders are Abess Makki, president; Vice President, Muhamad Chbib; Director of Finances and Administration, Al-Mehdi; Director of Logistics and Analytics, Ali Mourad; Communications Coordinator, Ali Abdallah. “We hope by doing our part in the water crisis, we can influence other people to do theirs,” Makki said. For more information on the group contact NSWA at 313-903-0586.

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