Florida – Ormond should get past fluoridation questions.

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Article courtesy of News Journal Online | December 2, 2012 | Shared as educational material

It appears that Ormond Beach is going to have a re-do on the issue of fluoridation of water — 55 years after the city got voters’ approval for fluoridation. Insistent complaints may force city government to have another public referendum on the issue.

The mail-in referendum could cost taxpayers more than $45,000. But the real costs may be borne by children and adults who could see less protection from tooth decay from their water, long a source of such protection. Fluoride skeptics have raised many health concerns. One thing is clear, however: Since the addition of fluoride to many public drinking-water sources, dental decay has became less common.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control said the addition of fluoride to drinking water was one of the 10 greatest public-health improvements in the United States in the previous century. Further, there have been no major findings that fluoride in drinking water represents a serious public safety threat. Critics, however, have been unrelenting in questioning the safety of fluoride and the city’s provider of hydrofluorosilicic acid.

Commissioner Troy Kent questioned some of the providers via the mail about compliance. He did not hear back from them. The vendors should have responded to his queries. There is nothing wrong with a city commissioner asking questions if he has the interests of the city and his constituents in mind. However, city officials should defend their own practice of fluoridation.

Yet even Kent worries about the cost of a referendum.

Ormond Beach residents should also weigh the costs of removing fluoride from their drinking water. The CDC estimated that for every $1 invested in fluoridating water, there is $38 in savings on dental costs. Any person who has ever needed fillings, root canals, crowns, dentures, etc., knows full well the very real costs of dental work. And there is a cost beyond cash — bad or weak teeth can have an effect on enjoyment of life. Dental problems also can lead to more serious health problems.

Fluoride is a way to alleviate those public health care costs, both financial and personal.

Critics say fluoride is a form of medical treatment without consent, but that argument is akin to saying enriched flour is a form of medical treatment given without consent. Fluoride — like other essential minerals and compounds we take in, from copper to the B vitamins — is more comparable to nutrients we need for good health.

Mayor Ed Kelley said he is tired of hearing about fluoride at every public meeting. It’s hard to blame him for getting weary of the complaints. So the city may settle the issue with a $45,000 mail-in referendum next spring. It’s an expensive way to settle what should not be an issue. But the great costs will be to the collective dental health of Ormond Beach should fluoride be removed from drinking water.

[toggle title=” Victories against fluoride becoming more frequent. ” height=”auto”]

Victories against fluoride becoming more frequent as citizens get informed, empowered.

(decryptedmatrix.com): Roughly 85,000 fewer people living in North America will be forced to drink and bathe in fluoridated water, thanks to four recent community victories preventing or overturning water fluoridation mandates. The towns of O’Fallon, Missouri; Rosetown, Saskatchewan; Lake View, Iowa; and Cassadaga, New York are all now officially fluoride-free, proving that individuals really do have the power to step up and protect themselves against one of the most ridiculous folklores of the past century to be thrust on the people in the name of public health.

As reported by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), which has tabulated more than 70 community victories against fluoride across North America since 2010, a single citizen activist concerned about the safety of fluoride was able to persuade the City Administrator of O’Fallon, MO, population 80,000, to discontinue the town’s water fluoridation program. The town’s 2012 budget report states that the change will save the town $18,000 annually, and reduce the hazard for water operators who will no longer “have to handle the dangerous chemical on a regular basis.”

In Rosetown, SK, the failure of a fluoride feed pump was enough to scrap the outdated practice of water fluoridation, while water fluoridation’s high cost with lack of economic and societal benefit convinced the city council of Lake View, IA, to discontinue the pointless practice. And in Cassadaga, NY, local citizens rejected a proposal to fluoridate by an 87 percent margin, even after the town had already built a special shed to begin housing and pumping fluoride chemicals into the water supply.

Portland voters soon to vote on water fluoridation.

(decryptedmatrix.com): In Portland, Oregon, where rogue city council members and Mayor Sam Adams recently forced through a fluoridation mandate against the will of the people, more than 43,000 local citizens signed a petition to force the issue to a public vote. As of this writing, these signatures are still being counted — but since only 19,858 were required to get the issue on the ballot, the issue will almost surely be put up for a public vote.

And in New York City, where councilman Petter Vallone, Jr. has been working feverishly to end water fluoridation in America’s largest city, a resolution has been introduced to require that a warning about fluoride’s dangers for infants be printed on individual water bills. Both Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the entire state of New Hampshire recently passed similar requirements for infant warning labels on water bills.

Two Florida communities reconsider water fluoridation.

(decryptedmatrix.com): Lastly, both the Greater Pine Island Water Association, which serves the area of St. James City near Fort Myers, Florida, and the Ormond Beach City Commission, also in Florida, are also reconsidering their existing fluoridation mandates. The former group will have its members vote on the issue, while the latter group has already approved a referendum that will allow voters to decide the issue in an upcoming election.

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