Global water crisis has Minnisota man climbing Kilimanjaro.

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Article courtesy by Renee Tessman | December 30th 2012 | Kare

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HUGO, Minn. – A Minnesota man is about to go on a mission that requires him to climb nearly 20,000 feet.

Steve Hall of Hugo has never climbed a mountain before. But that’s not stopping him from joining celebrities to raise awareness for a great cause.

Hall’s first ever climb will be of Mount Kilimanjaro. He said, “I’m super excited.”

Sorting through his gear for the climb he said, “The first thing they sent me was my boots. I felt a little goofy wearing them on the treadmill at the gym but I have to get them broken in.”

Hall has been invited to Summit on the Summit , an initiative by Grammy winning and Ethiopian born musician Kenna to raise awareness of the global water crisis.

Sponsors provide Hall’s gear. He will climb alongside celebrities who will be named on January 2nd.

He said, “It’s kind of hush, hush. [I’m] not allowed to say yet.”

Ely-born actress Jessica Biel went on the first Summit on the Summit climb in 2010.

So why does Hall get to go? He’s with H2O for Life, a White Bear Lake non-profit that teaches students in the United States about the global water crisis and then helps them make a difference.

Schools here are paired with schools overseas in need of clean water.

Hall said, “That inspires children here to go into action, raise funds for their partner school to get wells, latrines, water tanks.”

H2O for Life provides free curriculum for teachers and lets them choose a project.

H2O for Life was started six years ago by Hall’s mother, Patty Hall, a former teacher.

She had received an email from a friend in Kenya that said his village needed help because children were dying. She recruited Highview Middle School in New Brighton to help.

She said, “They raised $13,000 in that first year and built two sand dams in that community that, to this day, provide water to thousands of people in that area.”

She continued, “We started with the one project in Kathungu Village in Kenya and last year we completed our 406th school project.”

Steve Hall leaves for Tanzania on January 2nd. His trek with other educators and celebrities to the top of Kilimanjaro begins on January 6th.

He held out a new pair of goggles he will wear and said, “I heard a rumor that it’s cold enough at the top sometimes for your corneas to freeze.”

Anyone can follow Hall’s first ever climb at the Summit on the Summit website, via Twitter at Summit on the Summit @SOTSK, and Summit on the Summit on Facebook.

He said, “I can’t wait to get over there and get started.”

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