China – Water diversion blues – “South to North Water Diversion Project”

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Article courtesy by Gong Jing and Cui Zheng | January 4, 2012 | Caixin Online | Shared as educational material only

Rapidly growing cities need more water, and plenty of it – but experts say China faces a sobering outlook on the impacts of water diversion projects. A local government project to channel water from an artificial lake in Zhejiang Province to residents in Hangzhou is already starting to discharge sharply divergent opinions. The water diversion project estimated to cost 20 billion yuan, will affect water supplies to Hangzhou, a city celebrated as the “Paradise of China” for its beautiful waterside settings. Cheng Xiaotao, from China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research said that water diversion is one method that can be used to solve immediate water supply problems, but that it should be carefully implemented. It must be done with open eyes and in moderation. Read more about it here:


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