Special Edition – 15 Water research and news articles from around the world

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Oxford University

Water is vital for human well-being, economic development and a healthy environment. Each year water-related shocks such as floods and droughts have devastating impacts on people and economies worldwide. Ensuring access to an acceptable quantity and quality of water, and protection from water-related shocks is a defining challenge for society in the 21st century.

Oxford University Water Security Network

The University of Oxford’s Water Security Network responds to these challenges, building upon the University’s existing and emerging water research excellence.

Smart hand-pumps one of the Guardian’s 12 global development innovations of 2012.

[Posted on 3rd January 2013] Featured alongside disease-eating prawns and solar-powered lamp-posts, Oxford University’s Smart Handpumps are recognised by the Guardian newspaper as one of twelve innovations for global development that caught the eye in 2012. Read full article »

Dryland agriculture a major issue for climate change.

[Posted on 2nd January 2013] The report from an International Conference on Food Security in the Drylands says that many of the most effective climate change interventions in the world’s driest areas will be rooted in agriculture. Oxford’s Prof Mike Edmunds and Dr Rachael McDonnell were among the invited speakers at the Qatar National Food Security Program conference which was held in Doha, Qatar on 14-15 November 2012. Read full article »

Rachael McDonnell provides water expertise at Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Court.

[Posted on 31st December 2012] Dr Rachael McDonnell was recently an invited speaker at a workshop on ‘Policy options for food insecure countries’ held in Abu Dhabi on 19-20 November 2012. The event was hosted by the Crown Prince Court and organised by the policy think tank Chatham House. She contributed to important discussions on the role of innovations in science/technology and policy for improving water management in food production systems. Read full article »

Africa Water Stewardship Scholarship quenches thirst for knowledge.

[Posted on 12th December 2012] Cliff Nyaga, beneficiary of the Coca-Cola Company funded Africa Water Stewardship Scholarship, reflects on his first term studying the MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management. Read full article »

The hidden resource: groundwater’s role in achieving water security.

[Posted on 5th December 2012] Groundwater is critical to global water security. This was the clear message Professor Richard Taylor delivered at a seminar in Oxford on 13 November. Water stored underground provides around 36% of the world’s domestic supplies, and 42% of all irrigation water. Use of groundwater could also prove a useful adaptation to climate variability and change. Read full article »

Oxford University website

Water Resources Group (WRG)

WRG is an innovative public-private platform for collaboration to mobilize stakeholders from the public and private sector, civil society, centers of academic expertise and financing institutions to engage in fact-based, analytical approaches and coalition building initiatives that help governments to catalyze sustainable water sector transformations in support of their economic growth plans. WRG engages with those governments who invite it to work on a comprehensive water sector reform strategy and then it provides a public-private approach to support them. WRG acts as an independent entity and offers no political, partisan or national nuance to its advice. Water Resources Group website

Global Catalogue of Good Practices

To support in-country activities, WRG has been developing an open source, global, public-private knowledge base of good practices on water transformation with the help of the Stockholm International Water Institute. In its final form, the catalogue will include for each lever of the cost curve international and local best-practice examples, concrete solutions and their providers (also commercial), expertise, advice, new ideas and innovations in water management across all key sectors and technologies. This knowledge base has been requested by governments and fits into the overall WRG value proposition of increasing the access of governments and businesses to local and international good practices. WRG’s Good Practices Catalogue.pdf

Third Word Centre for water management Mexico

Special Edition - 15 Water research and news articles

Efficient water management requires new knowledge and implementable solutions, as well as synthesis of current experiences from different parts of the world. The primary objective of the Centre is generation of new knowledge, synthesis and application of existing knowledge, and dissemination of these information.

Publications available in English

  • Can World’s Water Crisis be Solved? Combining good policies and management practices with right technologies could eradicate the global water shortages, By Asit Biswas and Julian Kirchherr. Op ed published in The Business Times, January 8, 2013.
  • Quality: Most Pressing Water Problem, Asit K. Biswas, Water Challenge Blog, Nestl�January 3, 2013.
  • Editorial, By Cecilia Tortajada, International Journal of Water Resources Development, Vol. 29, No. 1, 2013.

Conference reports:

Summaries and analyses of major Conferences, Meetings, Dialogues, Symposias, and other events from different parts of the world, which the Centre sponsored or specially was invited to participate.

Tackling Water Infrastructure Challenges in Asia, Davos-style
Singapore, 1st July, 2012

This Planet Can Support Nine Billion People
Interview with The European, January 7, 2013 »

The Singapore Water Story: Sustainable Development in an Urban City State, Routledge, 2013
Routledge information of the book »

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Third Word Centre Mexico website

The World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Water security (whether it be the challenge of too little water over long periods of time, or too much water all at once) is one of the most tangible and fastest-growing social, political and economic challenges faced today. It is also a fast-unfolding environmental crisis. In every sector, the demand for water is expected to increase and analysis suggests that the world will face a 40% global shortfall between forecast demand and available supply by 2030.This outlook bears potential for crisis and conflict since water lies at the heart of everything that is important for human life: food, sanitation, energy, production of goods, transport and the biosphere as such; water ensures not only mere survival of humans, but also social well-being and economic growth. In addition, water is a renewable yet not inexhaustible resource – it cannot withstand constant over-extraction and being depleted faster than being renewed. What is more, water cannot be substituted.

World Economic Forum website

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