Malaysia – Kuala, Lumpur – Anger over water crisis

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Water supply expected to be restored today

KUALA LUMPUR: Tempers are flaring as the water crisis in Ampang, Cheras and Gombak entered the 14th day.

Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) trucks could be seen going around the affected areas but residents here said the help offered was just a “trickle”.

Taman Bakti resident Jerry Lai, 40, said this was the first time a water truck had visited his area.

“Who is going to take responsibility for this situation?” he asked.

Lai, who lives with his parents, also expressed worry that prolonged water cuts would put a damper on the Chinese New Year celebrations next month.

“How can there be any celebrations when we have no water?”

Stocking up: Residents filling up water from a Syabas truck in Ampang.

Carol Cheong, 50, said she was forced to bathe in her office and use mineral water for her household chores.

“I have been going out of town to collect water,” said the mother of two.

Retiree Kanniamah Subrama-niam, 59, said the shortage was as bad as the water crisis in 1998.

“They promised us that this wouldn’t happen again,” said Kanniamah who is worried that her Ponggal plans on Monday would be wrecked.

Pandan Utama 2 resident Mohammed Nor Awang said they were not informed when the water trucks will be coming.

He added that the situation was worse for those living in high-rise flats.

“Just last week, a woman suffered a miscarriage while carrying buckets of water up to her flat on the fourth floor,” Nor Awang said.

Taman Cempaka resident Mustapha Al-Bakri Raua, 60, said that the water crisis has also made it difficult for Muslims to perform their prayers.

“We find it difficult to wash up before performing prayers,” said Mustapha.

Businesses have also been hit hard with many saying their operations have been disrupted.

Sri Payung catering service manager Maimunah Othman, 50, said they had to wait until the lorries showed up for water to wash and cook.

Her Pandan Utama kitchen outlet is stacked with pots filled with rainwater but she said that it was not enough.

“Where has all the water gone? It has been raining and there has been no dry spell,” she said.

Chan Siew Boey who runs an auto-repair shop here said her work now involved daily trips back to her home in Ampang Jaya to refill the water tank in the shop.

“We need water to wash the engines and cars and for the mechanics to clean themselves after work,” said Chan.

Nurul Hafizah, who works at an Indian Muslim restaurant said the manager now brews the tea and other drinks in his home before bringing it to the restaurant.

“We also wash our utensils there,” said Nurul.

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