Why can’t we manufacture water.

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Article courtesy by Josh Clark | February 10th 2013 | How Stuff Works

As water becomes scarcer, a new technology is under development that pulls water vapor form the air when the water cycle goes through dry periods. Initially scientists tried to manipulte water cycle by using cloud seeding to cause more rain fall. But, it had catastrophic consequences.  Max Whisson created the Whisson Windmill, a machine that uses wind power to collect water out of the atmosphere. This water is replaced every few hours as part of the water cycle. Whisson’s windmill can collect as much as 2,600 gallons of water from the air per day. Jonathan Wright and David Richards have created a machine that’s similar to Whisson’s, except that it resembles a collapsible pull-behind camper. This invention known as AquaMagic, pulls air directly from the area surrounding it. Inside the machine, the air condensed through refrigerated coil, and the water is collected, purified, and released through a spigot. The AquaMagic machine can produce up to 120 gallons of purified water in 24 hours, and since it’s small it can be toted to disaster sites and Sub-Saharan Africa alike. But it also has one drawback: To produce this much water, AquaMagic requires about 12 gallons of diesel fuel. The Whisson Windmill is totally green. It runs exclusively on wind power, requiring no fossil fuel. Even the condenser runs off the power generated by the windmill’s turbines. For more details read here : http://bit.ly/1WDxbIE

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