Paula Pearce teaches Water Conservation with Saving Walter book

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Paula Pearce teaches Water Conservation
with Saving Walter book


Now is the perfect time for Children to learn about Water Conservation! Paula Pearce, the local author and illustrator of her children’s book, Saving Walter, perfect for grades 3rd and 4th on the subject of water conservation in and around the home, has given two writers workshops to Gravenstein School youth.  Students from Mr. Mensch’s 3rd grade and Mrs. Brown’s 4th grade were inspired as they listened to this magical adventure of the innocent “Walter” being mentored by his water drop family and friends on his true value to nature and all life on Earth.  Mrs. Pearce brought many of her original illustrations from her first edition in 2008 followed by the graphics used for her second edition compared to the final illustrations in her latest third edition that is available online:

With the current water shortage and impending drought, this story told from the water drops’ perspective contains exactly the kind of water efficiency methods we can all use to reduce our water consumption.

If you are a teacher, home school educator, naturalist, librarian, scout leader, youth leader and would like to have an “author” visit please see the “Contact” tab on Walter’s website and use the email:   To preview most of the book click on the “Buy” tab and see the “Preview” access and after a short download the pages turn at your own rate of speed.  Author visits will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis and contingent on availability and travel distance required.  There is no charge.

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