Inept, infected water supply is fate of Rajajipuram

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Article courtesy of TNN | February 20, 2014 | The Times of India | Shared as educational material

LUCKNOW: Residents of Rajajipuram are struggling with inadequate and contaminated water supply. Last week’s water crisis in block-C in which a population of over 15,000 didn’t receive water for 3-4 days in a row has brought the problem back to the fore.

With summers approaching, the crisis is sure to heighten even as corporators and locals are constantly pushing Lucknow Municipal Corporation to provide tube-wells to combat shortage. Rajajipuram receives around 75% water supply through Gaughat pumping station in Balaganj while the remaining 25% requirement is being met by tube-wells.

The five wards of Rajajipuram namely Kunwar Jyoti Prasad I, Kunwar Jyoti Prasad II, Hardeen Rai Nagar, Labour Colony and Rajajipuram housing over 1.50 lakh people keep complaining about scanty and dirty water supply every once in a while. Corporator Shiv Pal Sawariya said F block had been receiving contaminated supply for the last 20 days.

He said “water that flows out of taps is mixed with sand particles and sewage matter and is unfit for drinking. This is a frequently reported problem from almost all areas of Rajajipuram.” The area is densely populated and has very old sewer lines which run close to water pipelines. These pipelines are in extremely dilapidated condition as a result of which sewage content mixes with the supply water.

Sawariya adds that sewer lines should ideally be changed every 35 years to ensure quality disposal but in Rajajipuram, they are more than 40 years old. “When I requested LMC to change pipelines, it said it would try to arrange funds for the locality from JNNURM scheme”, he added. Besides, ruptured sewer lines which pollute water, locals also complain about insufficient supply due to frequent power cuts and dilapidated machines.

Astha Singh from sector-12 said “we have been getting only one hour supply in each shift over last few months. The pattern is highly erratic, as we get only a few days of regular supply after which it stops abruptly owing to power failure, cable damage, technical failure in Gaughat, etc.” She adds that recent crisis in block-C was a result of transformer failure which took around for days in repair. Locals complain that water crisis is so severe in summers they have to ask for tankers from Jal Sansthan.

Ajay Dixit, another corporator, said the problem could be solved by installing mini tube-wells which cost less and fulfill water requirements of about 200 houses each. We have always been pushing for installation of more tube-wells in Rajajipuram but every time, we are told about lack of funds in Jal Sansthan. “Hand pumps are readily available solution for this but their re-boring is a major challenge. Jal Nigam is supposed to handle re-boring but often, they delay work in want of government’s approval for funds”, he added.

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