Wasa Fails to Provide Drinking Water

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Article courtesy of Khalid Iqbal | June 10, 2014 | The News | Shared as educational material

Rawalpindi-The residents of this city have been facing acute water shortage in severe hot weather, as concerned Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) completely failed to provide drinking water to its consumers.

 The helpless residents neither getting drinking water through supply lines nor through water tankers.

 Punjab government has fixed Rs375 for a water tanker from Wasa, but, unfortunately, those paying Rs375 would get water tanker after three to four days after registering their complaint. But, if anybody pays Rs600 or Rs700 he would get water tanker within two to three hours.

 The affected residents of Pirwadhai, Dhoke Kala Khan, Sadiqabad, Muslim Town, Asghar Mall, Adiala Road, Pindora, Dhoke Chaudhrian, Dhoke Khabba, Waris Khan and several other localities expressed concerns over the present situation and said that despite paying regular water bills they are forced to spend huge amount of money to buy water tankers. They also said that private tanker owners charge up to Rs1,000 to Rs1,500 per tanker. The residents said that thousands of rupees were received from them for water connections and installation of meters but they are not supplied with water. They demanded of the high-ups of Wasa to ensure smooth supply of water to its consumers and make proper arrangements so that they should be provided with water during summer.

 Wasa Water Bouzer Section officer Muhammad Imran, when contacted by ‘The News’, admitted that in present situation we are facing severe pressure of water demands. “Hundreds of consumers from different localities registering complaints of water shortage, therefore, we could not handle it,” he said. He said, “we charge Rs375 for a water tanker but send water tanker after three to four days due to large number of complaints.”

 Talking to ‘The News’, Saleem Abbas, a resident of Pirwadhai, said that residents of his area are facing acute water shortage due to mismanagement of concerned authorities, as they failed to chalk out a proper plan to handle the situation in peak summer season. “Water supply pipelines and majority of filtration plants are without water, where we should go in this situation,” he asked.

 Nazia Parveen, a housewife, said that how we could survive without water in severe weather. Temperature is rising day by day and crossed 41 degree Celsius mark but we are facing acute water shortage, she lamented. “Concerned authorities should chalk out a proper water distribution plan during summer season,” she said. Naveed Ahmed Butt, a resident of Dhoke Kala Khan, said two days back he paid Rs375 to Water Bouzer Section of Wasa but, unfortunately, still waiting for water. “Buying water tanker at Rs1,000 or Rs1,500 from private contractors is not affordable,” he said.

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