Mobile Home Park Drinking Water Contaminated With Fecal Coliform

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Article courtesy of  | July 17, 2014 | Abc30 News | Shared as educational material

The water is still flowing from facets at the Oakhurst Mobile Home Estates, but drinking it is not safe. The people who live in the mobile home park are stocking up on water because they’re not sure when the contamination will be cleaned up. 

“We probably drank some of it, and my gal here also drank some,” said longtime resident Robbie Robinson, 48. “Right now it apparently hasn’t hurt us, yet. I hope not.”

Robinson says the property managers told him about the fecal contamination on Wednesday. Office managers began handing out large bottles of water. And they posted fliers on everyone’s door warning them not to drink the water.

Madera County health officials also began sending out phone messages saying “do not attempt to treat the water yourself, by boiling, filtering or disinfecting as it will not make the water safe.”

Dan Barrett says when he spotted the notice on his door he was grateful to already have bottled water on hand. “That’s what we use to cook,” he said. “That’s what we use to wash our hands. I haven’t used the shower yet.”

The property managers declined comment, but Madera County health officials say the fecal contamination happened through a cross connection at the water line from the septic system. 

“You don’t know how long this thing is going to happen,” said Wanda Scmitz, who purchased extra water. “And you hate the buy gallons and gallons of water, they could have it back on by tomorrow or maybe the next day.”

Neighbors say they’re happy with management’s response, but they just want the problem fixed.

“I did see somebody over there working today doing something, but I don’t know,” Robinson said.

The county says the contamination problem is being addressed and should be resolved in just a few days. They say they will notify the people here when the water is clean and safe to drink.

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