DEP Warns Contaminated NJ Water Making Seafood Toxic

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Photo credit: My9NJ

Article courtesy of Hank Flynn | September 9, 2014 | My9NJ | Shared as educational material

Bayonne, New Jersey (My9NJ) –If you’re living in the Hudson County area and fish in the Newark River off of Bayonne you should probably find a new fishing-hole if you’re looking for something to cook. Due to contamination in the water it is literally illegal to catch and eat anything that comes from this section of the Newark River, but people do it anyway.

There are dozens of signs indicating how dangerous it is fishing and eating the sea-life in the river. A lot of the locals who know about the contamination often just catch and release, but they say not everyone reads the signs.

“I see it all the time. So when I see them I’m like whoa man there’s a sign there man. But they don’t take it, you know what they say? ‘Oh when we boil out all the bacteria…’ I say okay. It’s funny but it’s sad, I won’t eat a crab from here,” one local explained.

Crabbing has been banned in this area since the 1980’s due to contamination from chromium and other Agent Orange productions that can still cause cancer today. This has rendered any caught shell fish inedible according to the DEP. Striped bass is legal though and people are eating it.

Some have accused Hudson County of not having enough signs up in banned areas. If you’re hungry, the DEP advises limits. They suggest four meals of striped bass out of the Newark Bay per year, only one of catfish and no shellfish at all. Lastly, pregnant women and children are advised to steer clear altogether.

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