Phoenix Residents Concerned About Drinking Water, Want Action Taken

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Article Courtesy of  Iris St. Meran|Time Warner Cable News|September 17, 2014| Shared as Educational Material

PHOENIX, N.Y. — Donald Hook has lived in Phoenix for less than a year. He said it didn’t take long to figure out something was different about his drinking water.

“I noticed right away the water had a funny odor to it. Over the summer noticed the quite an odor with the water and discoloration especially when I do laundry. When I take the clothes out of the laundry they have an odor,” said resident Donald Hook.

Many others have reported the same thing in their homes.

“I’ve never drank the water here, it smelled horrible.”

“For two and a half years we’ve been buying water. I don’t cook with the water.”

In a statement the Oswego County Health Department said the Village of Phoenix water supply is safe to drink based on monthly testing.

However the health department states the village’s water system was determined to be Ground Water Under Direct Influence of Surface Water in 2011.

The director of the health department said because the village didn’t take action within 18 months, they were in violation of the New York State Sanitary Code’s Surface Water Treatment rule.

The director says the village did make improvements but still could be under the influence of surface water.

The village hired an engineering firm to choose a compliance option. Right now there are three.

“We’re looking at rehabbing or producing new wells. We’re looking at using the existing wells in conjunction with water filtration system. We’re looking at the potential of purchasing water from another water producer,” said Miller Engineers president Doug Miller.

The health department has given the village until September 30 to choose an option, but at the meeting it was determined it could take longer.

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