Gas Production Polluted Drinking Water in Texas, Study Finds

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Gas Production in Texas (Photo credit: IStreetResearch)

Article Courtesy of Smita Bishop|IStreetResearch|September 16, 2014|Shared as Educational Material

Gas production is polluting drinking water in Texas. But about the findings the gas industry is denying the charges, the industry is saying the energy boom has not polluted water supply.

The breakthrough came 2 years after the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) stopped its investigation in the Parker County region over distress about legal risks and costs.

Through this new study scientists were trying to find the genesis of high methane levels in drinking water near gas production wells in Texas and Pennsylvania. The researchers found that the well water in two houses had changed just in nine months, now the water is traced with high levels of methane.

Robert Jackson said that the recently identified cases the contamination caught in the act, he is a coauthor of this study and also professor of environmental science at Stanford University.

The finding challenges a venerable assertion by the gas and oil industry that the United States Energy boom has not spoiled water supplies.

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