State Looking to Clean Up Lead Contamination

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Article courtesy of Ali Ingersoll | September 22, 2014 | We Are | Shared as educational material

RUSH TOWNSHIP, Centre County — The DEP is saying bullet shell casings are leading to lead contamination in the soil and ground water at Black Moshannon State Park.”Lead is a heavy metal,” says Daniel Spadoni, the Community Relations Coordinator for the Department of Environmental Protection. “Heavy metals can be potentially harmful where human health is concerned and something that needs to be addressed, especially now that the levels are above state wide health standards.”

That is what the DEP and DCNR are saying they have found at the Philipsburg Rod and Gun Club Trap Shooting Range at the park. The investigation into the levels began in 2006.  The DEP and DCNR have come up with four alternatives to the issue. They say they’re favoring a plan to use more than $835,000 in tax dollars to stabilize the impacted soil.

“It would involve mixing a specific kind of soil amendment into the existing soil so as to stabilize and reduce the overall levels of lead,” says Spadoni.

Some meeting at the meeting on Monday say they’re concerned about what the DEP will do with the shooting range once they begin removing lead.

“What we want is assurances after this extended clean up that the club will reopen,” says Dave Lux, the Vice-President of the Rod and Gun Club.

While the DEP says there currently is not a threat to the people in Philipsburg and the surrounding areas, they say it is best to clean up the contamination in the state park before it becomes a problem for the whole area.

That is something David Pryde, a life-long Black Moshannon resident, agrees with.

“Let’s clean it up,” says Pryde.  “I’ve got grandkids coming up. That silent stuff gets you.”

Anyone is welcome to continue to submit written comments to the DEP until November 17, 2014.

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