Fresh Water Crisis, Not Climate Change Is Most Urgent Global Issue Says Water Advocate

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Article courtesy of Grants Pass | September 26, 2014 | Digital Journal | Shared as educational material

The number one “urgent and growing threat” to human health, civilization, and life on Earth, according to water advocate and radio show host Sharon Kleyne, is not climate change, as President Obama states, but the growing global fresh water crisis. Kleyne explains about the importance of getting aware and educated about fresh water crisis. Worldwide insufficient fresh water is the number one cause of disease, the number one cause of wars, the number one barrier to economic development and the most important single factor in understanding climate change. Worldwide, according to Kleyne, 1.6 billion people lack reliable access to abundant and safe fresh water. Each year, thousands of children die from dehydration and water borne diseases. This global tragedy is getting worse, not better. Deserts are expanding, drought is increasing and water shortages are becoming increasingly urgent. In some areas, extended drought is having a long term impact on soil micro-organisms, fertility and productivity.

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