Western Australian Council Concerned about Water Contamination by Fracking

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Photo credit: Shale Energy Insider

Article courtesy of Saleha Riaz | October 6, 2014 | Shale Energy Insider | Shared as educational material

The Conservation Council of Western Australia has released a map produced by the WA Water Corporation revealing that gas fracking titles and acreage releases have been issued over a quarter of the state’s drinking water reserves.

Conservation Council Director Piers Verstegen said “Gas fracking is one of the most toxic and polluting industries on the planet, and certainly not something we should be allowing anywhere near our precious drinking water reserves.

“However the map shows that over 35 water resources including underground aquifers and surface water resources used to supply drinking water are at risk from pollution by gas fracking, including almost every coastal water resource from Margaret River to Geraldton.

“If these these groundwater areas are polluted with gas, fracking chemicals, drilling fluids or fracking waste, whole communities may be left without drinking water.

“Communities, industries, agriculture and other businesses all the way up our West Coast are totally dependent on these groundwater resources, and they have a right to clean water that is not polluted by gas fracking.

“Gas fracking has already been given the green light at Drover-1 near water supply bores for the towns of Green Head and Leeman, with no environmental impact assessment.

“Residents, businesses, and the local Shire have appealed to the Government to suspend gas fracking in their drinking water catchment; however it appears these calls have so far fallen on deaf ears.

“We have very little confidence that the regulations surrounding gas fracking in WA are anywhere near adequate to protect the drinking water and groundwater resources that so many WA communities rely upon. We reiterate our call for a moratorium on gas fracking in WA,” he concluded.

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