ATM that Provides Clean Drinking Water for 25 Paise Per Litre

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Photo Credit: Bhaskar News

Article Courtesy of Bhaskar News| The Daily Bhaskar|September 20, 2014|Shared as Educational Material

New Delhi: Now, similarly to cash withdrawing ATM machines drinking water is too available from water ATM’s in the capital.
Sarvajal machines that look similar to ATM machines provide drinking water by showing sarvajal cards – similar cards such as ATM cards. Water in single units of Sarvajal is cleaned by several processes. The clean water is then kept in the main storage tank fitted with an electronic unit.
The machine provides clean drinking water for 25 paise per litre and one can avail up to 20 litres of water at a time.
The country’s leading company in the pharmaceutical business, Piramal Healthcare’s social welfare wing Piramal Foundation founded Sarwajal ATM’s in 2008.
Sarvajal from its inception has provided more than 800 million litres of drinking water to the people. Other than on international levels the Sarwajal ATM has also received support from Delhi Jal and Delhi Road Transportation.
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