EPA Meets in Lexington Over Ground Water Contamination

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Article courtesy of Lauren Artino | December 17, 2014 | WMFD.com | Shared as educational material

An informational session and public hearing was hosted by the Ohio EPA in Lexington Tuesday night due to the ground water contamination.

The meeting gave EPA officials and residents a chance to review and address their options regarding the clean-up of soil and groundwater contamination at the site of the former Lexington factory, located at 147 Plymouth Street. The contamination stems from the cleaning solvents TCE and PCE, used by the former Hamilton Standard Controls Building.

The EPA first noticed the contamination from these products in the eighties and have been monitoring and cleaning up the site ever since. Among concerns voiced by residents, were the worries that their drinking water could be contaminated. Officials say residents have nothing to be worried about, since the city’s drinking water comes from a separate source.

The EPA says the two methods they’ve used to clean up the contaminants have been very effective over the past ten years. They hope the preferred plan they presented Tuesday evening with utilize these methods, so the site can be used again.

A copy of the plan is available at epa.ohio.gov and the public is invited to contact EPA officials at (614) 644-2160

The effects of exposure to TCE and PCE, among any chemicals depends on a number of factors. Some report minor illnesses to extreme cases that include neurological effects, certain types of cancers and birth defects.

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