Rs 52 Crore to Treat Water for Capital

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Krishna River.  Photo credit: Deccan Chronicle

Article courtesy of | December 21, 2014 | Deccan Chronicle | Shared as educational material

Hyderabad: Sewage is continuing to flow into the Krishna river and canals, the drinking water source for Vijayawada city and its surroundings. Every day, 70 million litres of sewage is flowing into the river and canals.

Raising the issue during Question Hour in the Assembly on Saturday, TD MLA Gadde Rama Mohan said that drinking water is being supplied from these sources to the residents of Vijayawada city and the surrounding areas.

He asked the municipal administration minister Dr P. Narayana about the steps being taken to check the water contamination.

Responding to his queries, Dr Narayana admitted that sewage was entering the river and canals as the existing sewage treatment plants  are capable of treating 80 million litres per day (MLD) sewage  only. Another 70 MLD is still entering the river and canals without being treated.

The minister said that Rs 52 crore was being spent to set up three more STPs at at Singh Nagar and Jakkampudi to treat water so that the remaining 70 MLD sewage is also intercepted and treated before being released into the river and canals.

When contacted, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation water section officials said 160 MLD drinking water is supplied daily to the city after being treated with chlorine.


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