Campaigners lobby Newark MP in bid to Protect Nottinghamshire from Fracking

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Protesters from Frackfree Nottinghamshire staged a protest outside Robert Jenrick’s office in Newark. Photo credit: Nottingham Post

Article courtesy of BenIreland | January 4, 2014 | Nottingham Post | Shared as educational material

Anti-fracking campaigners have staged a protest outside Newark MP Robert Jenrick’s office.

Members of FrackFree Nottinghamshire gathered outside Mr Jenrick’s office in London Road, Newark, on Sunday January 4.

 They are opposed to parts of the Infrastructure Bill, which they believe poses a threat to publicly-owned green spaces, possibly opening the door to ‘fracking’.

The controversial process involves drilling before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the shale gas inside.

Mr Jenrick is part of the committee of MPs that will be going through the bill line by line. Two MPs have suggested taking out any references to fracking in the bill.

It will be discussed again on Tuesday and the process will be completed by January 15.

 Nigel Lee, from FrackFree Nottinghamshire, said: “This bill will give the Government the power to allow fracking companies to drill under people’s homes without their permission and take out whatever substances they find underneath.

“Practically the whole of the Newark constituency has layers of coal can be fracked and they could use any substance they want to behind. If it’s at the right depth you can get coal bed methane out of it. They could then leave toxic waste behind.”

 Frackfree Nottinghamshire has now arranged a meeting with the MP to discuss the issue.


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