South Africa Faces Looming Water Crisis, Star Says

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Article courtesy of Jacqueline Mackenzie | January 4, 2014 | Bloomberg | Shared as educational material

South Africans use 235 liters (62 gallons) of water a day compared with the international average of 173 liters, and this is pushing the country into a looming water crisis, the Johannesburg-based Star newspaper reported, citing an Institute for Security Studies report.

Jakkie Cilliers, co-author of the report entitled “Parched Prospects: The Emerging Water Crisis in South Africa,” said 60 percent of the 223 river ecosystems are threatened and 25 percent are critical.

“If we don’t start dealing with the water problem, we are going to get into a situation where the margins are going to get really tight and water restrictions will be severe,” he said. Cilliers said water management needed to be prioritized.

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