New York Fracking Ban Leads to Questions about the Practice in North Dakota.

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Photo credit: WDAZ

Article courtesy of WDAY Staff | January 11, 2015 | WDAZ | Shared as educational material

A recent ban on fracking in New York has many wondering about the practice widely used in North Dakota.

Environmental groups are concerned that the extraction technique could cause harmful chemicals to get into our water sources.

The practice of fracking shoots water, sand and chemicals into rocks to release natural gas and crude oil.

North Dakota State Geologist Ed Murphy says the state’s geological formations act as an 8,000 foot protective layer between fresh water reserves and the fracking fluid.

“It is relatively new technology to be fracking at this scale and horizontally. But again, the geology we have protecting the fresh water zones in the Williston basin makes that practice pretty safe,” says State Geologist Ed Murphy.

Experts say the vast majority of oil production in North Dakota is made possible by hydraulic fracturing.


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