Fracking Fluid Found in Gloucester Groundwater

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Local resident Kate Fry at the entrance to the Gloucester Gas Project. Photo credit: EchoNetDaily.

Article courtesy of | January 16, 2015 | EchoNetDaily | Shared as educational material

The Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today said the community’s worst fears have been realised, with the Environmental Protection Authority announcing they were investigating AGL’s detection of fracking chemicals in ground water after recent hydraulic fracturing operations at Gloucester.

He repeated the Greens call for fracking and coal seam gas to be prohibited in NSW.

‘One of the great fears with coal seam gas is water contamination from fracking chemicals, and now it appears this fear has come true with AGL’s fracking operations at Gloucester,’ said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

‘The industry can no longer pretend that fracking for coal seam gas does not contaminate ground water. First we had Santos contaminate an aquifer with uranium and other heavy metals near Narrabri, and now we have fracking chemicals being detected in groundwater at Gloucester after recent hydraulic fracturing operations.

‘This mirrors contamination incidents in the United States, where in Pennsylvania alone, 243 cases of ground water contamination were directly linked to fracking or drilling for unconventional gas.

‘Premier Mike Baird has said that he “absolutely” wants coal seam gas in NSW, but is he happy to have our water resources contaminated with fracking fluid too?

‘Coal seam gas is set to be a major issue at the upcoming state election as voters make their concern know at the ballot box.

The Greens want a complete ban on coal seam gas.

‘The Greens urge the EPA to investigate this incident with all of their powers and prosecute if a licence breach has occurred. AGL have had multiple breaches of their pollution licences relating to coal seam gas, only to cop a ‘slap on the wrist’ fines of $1,500,’ he said.

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