EPA Reviewing Potential Groundwater Contamination at Gloucester

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Article courtesy of Coal Guru | January 18, 2015 | Coal Guru | Shared as educational material

The Environment Protection Authority and gas company AGL are reviewing water-testing after a fracking chemical was detected at a CSG project near Gloucester.

AGL said that the extremely low levels of monoethanolamine were detected in water monitoring in November 2014, when fracking started at its Waukivory pilot site.

It said that the chemical is a constituent of hydraulic fracturing fluid, but is also contained in mammal urine and associated with agricultural land. All its water testing is undertaken by nationally accredited laboratories.

Mr David Watts from community lobby group Groundswell Gloucester says there needs to be an immediate halt to the AGL project.

Mr Watts said that “Groundswell has been warning for some time that fracking involves a high risk of pollution. This seems to confirm our worst fears. Of course we have to wait for the EPA to do their work but the whole activity needs to be suspended until they can prove this is safe.”

Mr Jeremy Buckingham, Greens MP, said that the results are very concerning.

Mr Buckingham said that “The Greens and the community are appalled to learn that fracking fluid has entered the groundwater supply in and around AGL’s coal seam gas operations at Gloucester.”

He said that “The promise from AGL was that they would never contaminate groundwater. Within just weeks of their fracking they’ve done just that.”

He added that it is time to put a stop to the CSG industry. We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. If we look comprehensively at this industry we would see again and again that all kinds of these chemicals are entering into the groundwater.

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