We do Not Want highly Toxic Industrial Waste Dumped in our Excellent Drinking Water

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Article courtesy of Lynn Ashwell, Brian Derbyshire and Ribchester Grove | February 3, 2015 | The Bolton News | Shared as educational material

Dentist Peter Moss says there are more than enough dentists in Bolton to treat every child. I cannot argue about that, not having the facts, but what I will argue about is adding fluoride to our drinking water, something Mr Moss says will safeguard children’s teeth.

We do not want highly toxic industrial waste dumped in our excellent drinking water. The people of Bolton have made this very clear, over the years.

What is wanted is parental education. If children under five have bad teeth, it is because their parents have been negligent in their care, in the vast majority of cases, if not all.

What is also needed is dental examination, on a regular basis, of children’s teeth, in schools. This would safeguard children’s’ teeth much better than toxic waste dumped in our drinking water.

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