Bill Gates’ Omniprocessor is the Future of Water Technology

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By Taylor Schaefer, staff writer for Save The Water™ | February 9, 2015

Do not poop where you eat. You may have heard this expression used before in a figurative context, but thanks to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this expression has taken on a new meaning. Founded by Bill and Melinda Gates in 1999, the Foundation is a non-profit organization that deals with important global issues. At least two billion people around the world do not have access to a clean water supply. This affects individuals’ lives in more ways than one and can often lead to life threatening issues.

As many scientists and global activists work diligently to find a solution to the worldwide water crisis, impressive technological advances are being made every year. Microsoft founder Bill Gates and engineering firm Janicki Bioenergy are currently at the forefront of the most recent groundbreaking advances in water science by discovering a way to turn feces into clean drinking water.1

The Omniprocessor

A machine called the “Omniprocessor” boils sewage, which is divided into water vapor and dry waste. The dry waste is then burned at an extremely high temperature in order to create steam that powers the generator. After the water is boiled off of the sewage, it is filtered to produce clean drinking water.2

Not only does this multi-functional Omniprocessor machine produce clean water, but it also produces the energy needed to run the entire process. The extra energy produced provides electricity to the local community. This quality attracts investors because it makes a profit easily. It is also an environmentally-friendly machine, as it runs off its own steam engine.1

Future Users

Although the Omniprocessor is still in its developing stages, Gates predicts that this will be a good match for local entrepreneurs in developing countries such as India. Since the machine is fairly large, it will most likely not be distributed in the consumer market. The main targets are local business owners and governments.2

Contaminated water supplies have been universally recognized as a prominent global issue. As technology such as the Omniprocessor improves and more awareness is brought to the issue, we come one step closer to improving the lives of millions.

An additional article about the Ominprocessor can be found here:


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