Problems at Woodland Water Treatment Plant Trigger Audit

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Article courtesy of The Daily News | February 13, 2015 | | Shared as educational material

Woodland’s Waste Water Treatment Plant is getting an audit after “irregularities” were found in October, the city announced this week.

Mayor Grover Laseke said there were problems with testing, or the lack thereof, at the plant.

“There were some numbers written on a couple of reports that didn’t jive with what they should’ve been,” he said.

He said there wasn’t a risk of river contamination, but the Department of Ecology decided an audit would be necessary to correct what appear to be burps in the system.

“You have to do a certain amount of testing during the process and make sure the water that does go out into the river is at a certain level,” he said.

The plant that uses bacteria to convert sewage back to nontoxic water.

International environmental firm Veolia Services will look for improvements to the system in its upcoming independent audit.

Laseke said the plant has won awards in the past and does not often face challenges like this.

“Rather than there being a long-term problem at the plant I think this was an isolated incident that’s going to be easily corrected,” he said.

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