Aquifer Contamination Leaves No Time to Waste: Letters

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Article courtesy of Charles O’Connell, Stenvenson Ranch | February 13, 2015 | Los Angeles Daily News | Shared as educational material

Given that once an aquifer is contaminated, it’s too late to do anything much about it, I don’t understand why California is being given until 2017 to stop injections into aquifers that aren’t specifically designated for oil-industry waste disposal or drilling.

How long does it take to say no? Wouldn’t it make sense to act immediately to protect our ever-more-threatened fresh water supplies? And why did the state issue illegal permits to the oil companies in the first place, allowing them to dump their wastes in aquifers protected for public use?

It sounds like another bad choice on the part of the state between the welfare of people and oil company profits, and that is not acceptable behavior from those supposedly serving the common good.

— Cher Gilmore, Newhall

With friends like this, does Israil need enemies?

Re “Dems try to limit anger over Netanyahu speech” (Feb. 8):

Your article discussing how the Democrats in Congress are trying to limit the damage to their own party from several of their members protesting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech, quotes Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of the liberal pro-Israel group J Street.

Nothing could be more misleading than calling J Street a pro-Israel group. In fact, its anti-Israel agenda is quite plain to see for anyone with a computer and two minutes. It has endorsed misguided efforts at the UN Security council to condemn Israel for defending itself from terrorists. It has consistently aligned itself with anti-Israel lobbies and ultimately seem bent on destroying the only democracy in the middle east. The Democrats who align themselves with J Street are at best misguided and at worst anti-Zionist.

Unfortunately, simply being Jewish is not an indication of support for Israel. J Street is a sad reminder that Israel’s enemies come in all shapes and sizes, even as misguided Jews.

— Stephen Bock, West Hills

Serra wouldn’t be first saint with California ties

Re “Split over sainthood for a state founder” (Feb. 8):

With all the ink about the pending canonization of Father Junipero Serra, it is important to note that we already have a California saint: Saint Peter the Aleut, the Martyr of San Francisco.

He was born Cungagnaq on Kodiak Island, Alaska, and was baptized Peter by Russian missionaries. Peter became a seal hunter and was captured by the Spanish near Fort Ross in 1815. He was tortured to death in San Francisco by other Native Americans under orders of the Spanish priests.

Peter the Aleut was canonized by the Orthodox Church in America in 1980, which I believe makes him the first Native American saint. His feast day is Sept. 24.

— John G. Locke, Burbank

Climate-change legislation would cool state economy

Re “Climate change package is unveiled” (Feb. 11):

It’s truly frightening what legislation is being generated in Sacramento.

The proposed climate-change package will dramatically increase the cost of many basics that we all utilize and need, especially our electric bills and other energy-based sources, while citizens flee the state as a result.

And supporters say the package will generate jobs. The only jobs that will be created are in Texas as California businesses and citizens move. And of course, in the toilet paper industry to clean up the mess being generated in Sacramento.

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