Studies show that Fluoride is Harmful

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Article courtesy of Lynn Ashwell | February 4, 2015 | The Bolton News| Shared as educational material

I READ Peter Moss’s letter “Flouride would present a substantial benefit to those in care homes” February 8.

Adding fluoride to water to medicate whole populations is unwise. Elderly patients, especially those with decreased kidney function, are particularly affected by the negative effects of this chemical. Most elderly people in care homes have less efficient kidneys.

Scores of studies show that fluoride is harmful. In February 2014, a leading paediatrician Philip J Landrigan and Professor Philippe Grandjean, professor of environmental health at Harvard School of Public Health, reported in “The Lancet” medical journal that after looking at 27 studies they have classified fluoride as a “developmental neurotoxin”, (nerve poison) which can harm children’s brains and intelligence.

Enforced fluoridation gives people no freedom of choice and goes against medical ethics. Doctors agree that medication should be prescribed individually, according to a person’s state of health, age and weight. Studies now show that it is topical applications of fluoride (rubbing it onto tooth surfaces) which can in some cases be beneficial — not drinking it. This preserves freedom of choice. Fluoridation of tap water is old technology which has been discontinued in numerous countries, including Germany, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Israel.’

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