Side Effects Of Fluoride In Water Revealed; Researchers Say It May Cause Hypothyroidism, Resulting In Fatigue, Depression, and Weight Gain

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A man works in a laboratory which converts ocean water to drinking water through the process of desalination in Bertioga February 24, 2015. PHoto credit: REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker

Article courtesy of Guneet Bhatia | February 26, 2015 | International Business Times | Shared as educational material

Studies have found that the health effects of fluoride in water are overrated indeed. According to a research conducted in England, weight gain and depression are likely to be caused due to hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, which is due to presence of exceeding levels of fluoride in the drinking water.

The research team from the University of Kent conducted the study across different locations in England where fluoridated water is supplied. The results showed that the people who reside in areas where fluoride content was more were at a greater risk of hypothyroidism as compared to the areas where the mineral level in the water was low.

Hypothyroidism results in inadequate production of hormones, often resulting in a set of symptoms including tiredness or fatigue, weight gain and acquired depression. Recent research has revealed that hypothyroidism is induced by consuming extra amount of fluoride, which is a naturally occurring mineral in the drinking water, tea and a variety of fish.

Fluoride is known to play a main role in prevention of tooth decay and cavities, prompting the governments around the world to encourage water fluoridation with the help of public health policies. However, now it seems that researchers would want to urge the government to amend the policies, considering the newly discovered ill-effects of excessive fluoride in water.

“Possible interference with thyroid function needs serious consideration when regulating fluoride levels in drinking water,” warned Dr Philippe Grandjean, a physician at Harvard University.

Fluoridated water has been a reason of concern for the researchers since the past few years since cases of hypothyroidism started surfacing  in Australia.

“I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 7 years ago, googled it and found that it was caused by fluoride in the water.  Since then I have avoided fluoridated water and any product containing it. which is practically everything in Australia. My thyroid hormone levels returned to normal. And I’m still not taking any thyroid medication,” shared Lesley McMillan, in an interview with the International Business Times.

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