Walgett Heading Towards Critical Shortage of Drinking Water

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Walgett Council has calculated it could be without drinking water within two months. Photo credit: Abc News

Article courtesy of Tahmina Ansari | March 9, 2015 | Abc News | Shared as educational material

Walgett Shire Council says it has only about 70 days of water supply left.

The New South Wales Government will provide around $2.2 million for drought emergency works in the area.

General Manager Dom Ramsland says Council will work with the Office of Water to drought proof the water supply in the town.

He says with a shortage of water in the town, the funding is needed now more than ever.

“At the present time, Walgett has around about 70 days water supply left and [with] existing usage rates obviously we need to be ahead of the game, and providing for emergency supply in the event that we don’t receive rain over the next couple of months,” Mr Ramsland said.

Walgett Shire Council says funding from the State Government could save the town from facing a severe water shortage.

The New South Wales Government has announced it would provide around $2.2 million dollars for drought emergency works in the area.

Mr Ramsland said the town could be left without water in as little as two months.

“We have done some calculations and we believe that current levels in the rivers, we have 70 days supply left and without rain, those supplies will start to diminish and we’ll be in those situations where we could be without water,” he said.

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