Water Pump Invention that Serves Villagers

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Innovation: Wycliffe Churchill pumps water from fabricates water pump in his village home in Kamagambo village in Migori County. He innovated the pump after being disturbed to see locals succumb to water-borne diseases because of lack of clean drinking water. [Photo credit: HEZRON OCHIEL/STANDARD]

Article courtesy of Hezron Ochiel |March 11, 2015 | StandardMedia | Shared as educational material

Migori, Kenya: When Wycliffe Churchill Odumo was growing up in his Kamagambo village, Migori County, he was disturbed by the fact that many villagers were succumbing to water-borne diseases because of lack of clean drinking water. He came up with an eco friendly and low cost system. The technology is dependent on a simple concept that relies on a cord enclosed in a sphere that encircles a pipe whose lower ending is lowered to the floor of the water well. When a wheel located on the top of the well is turned, the cord shifts through the pipe and kinetic force created by the moving gaskets results in a vacuum that draws water upward right into a spout. The system pumps water at an average of 50 to 70 litres per minute depending on the distance from the top to the bottom of a well. “It therefore eliminates the hazardous rope and bucket technology of fetching underground water, thereby reducing risks of waterborne diseases from uncovered and open well. It also eliminates the risk of falling into a deep well and reduces time spent fetching water over long distances.” Read more here : http://bit.ly/2sNl7tk

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