Nano Adsorbent Technology for Arsenic Removal from Underground Drinking Water Market Research 2015 Illuminated by New Report

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Article courtesy of Vivian Dsena | April 3, 2015 | WhaTech| Shared as educational material


The world is facing the issue of availability of fresh water. It is turning into a critical resource which if not addressed properly will have greater consequences for humanity. A large geographical area of the world is facing problems of water supplies and quality of water remains a challenge for all developed and developing nations. In the last few decades, the consequences of population growth, industrialization and urbanization, and the associated consumerist culture have interfered with the natural hydrological cycle of rainfall, soil moisture, groundwater, surface water and storage of all sizes. This has led to overuse, abuse, and pollution of our vital water resources and has disturbed the quality and the natural cleansing capacity of water. Read more about it here:


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