Community of Buick Faces E Coli Contamination

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Article courtesy of CJDC County | April 8, 2015 | CJDC | Shared as educational material

The Romedo Springs Facility in Buick will continue to stay closed until further notice due to a presence of E Coli bacteria.

According to the Peace River Regional District, the facility has been closed since Apr. 2 and will remain closed until further tests can be completed.

A recent press release stated that the water at Romedo Springs, which is said to serve a few hundred people, is to be used for agricultural purposes only, however any water from that site drawn for personal consumption since March 23rd should be boiled first.

At this time, Chair of the Peace Regional District Board Lori Ackerman says the cause of the contamination remains unknown.

“How it happened, we don’t know,” Ackerman said.  “Most causes are really from animals and human digestive systems, so the source of this particular E Coli outbreak we do not know.”

Ackerman went on to say that she believes this is the first E Coli contamination at the Romedo Springs Facility, but the situation is a contained one and is being closely monitored.

“The water sources for the municipalities are checked on a far more regular basis and we do have systems that take raw water and turn it into potable water,” Ackerman said.  “It needs to be understood that this is a fresh water source, it is not potable.”

During this time, those in the Buick area are reminded that water may be used for showering, cleaning and cooking purposes, but not for drinking especially if it hasn’t been boiled.

“Precautionary measures really are about ensuring that if they use this water, that they use it only for agricultural purposes,” Ackerman said.  “Human consumption of this water is not advised at all.  If they are using it, they should be boiling their water and they need to ensure that their water is tested.”

Should you be a resident of the Buick community and need to test your water, you can do that by visiting an accredited laboratory facility like the Fort St. John Health Unit and pick up a standard water sample collection kit.

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