Putting the Spotlight on Water Conservation in Arizona

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Article courtesy of Nick Ciletti | April 7, 2015 | Abc15 News | Shared as educational material

PHOENIX – Arizona Senator John McCain will announce his bid for a sixth term in the US Senate Tuesday morning , according to an aide. And one issue the Senator plans to focus on is the drought that’s impacting Arizona.

At 9:30 a.m., The Kyl Center for Water Policy is hosting a forum to discuss how critical water management is to Arizona’s future.

That means putting the focus on forests and reservoirs in Arizona and what we can do to make sure we have a sustainable plan in place.

Water experts say it has to be a team effort.

“I think the biggest issue is planning,” explains Sarah Porter with The Kyl Center for Water Policy. “We don’t have an immediate water crisis. Our biggest issue is gathering the political will and bipartisan spirit like we he had in 1980 in order to allow us to plan for the next 50 years of water in Arizona.”

The forum will cover topics like the importance of the Salt/Verde water storage reservoirs, wildfire impacts, projects to improve the status of forests and watersheds, and plans to improve water longevity.

Senator Jeff Flake is expected to appear at that forum, which kicks off at 9:30 at the Mercado, Room C145 at ASU’s Downtown Campus.

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