Why are Residents in Lal Dora being Forced to Drink Contaminated Water?

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Article courtesy of Abhineet Panjwani | April 9, 2015 | I am in dna of Gurgaon| Shared as educational material

Post Fortis incident, that left nearly 50 nurses seriously affected due to the suspected water contamination at the hostel located in Kanhai village, the residents and the village heads have been blaming MCG’s (Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon) unwillingness to develop areas falling outside the Lal Dora.

Lal Dora an extension of village habitation, does not come under the jurisdiction of municipal authorities. “Just like the hostel for nurses, many houses in the village also fall under Lal Dora. The sewage lines installed here have never been fixed since the time they were laid in 1950s. The gap between the sewage and water pipeline is just 2 feet. During the rainy days, the overflowing sewage water usually contaminates drinking water,” complains Satish Yadav, Sarpanch, Kanhai Village.

Kanhai, a Yadav dominated village has a population of about 12 thousand people living in around 1,140 households. Lal Dora, that was established in 1957 when the village population was very less, has not witnessed any extension of boundaries despite the increase in population. The MCG cites this as the main reason for the neglect in the areas outside the Lal Dora.

Since the inception of MCG in 2008, adoption of Kanhai village by the civic body has been giving a ray of hope to the dwellers here. The promises to urbanise the village have remained unfulfilled ever since.

“Before the adoption by MCD, we used to do dthe evelopment work across the village regardless of whether the area was under Lal Dora or outside it. It may be noted here that the water supply is abundant but nothing has been done to curb contamination,” a resident mentions and adds, “The proximity between areas falling under or outside Lal Dora is less than 200 meters. Just because MCG is neglecting that part, the whole village is affected by it. All the residents whether living outside or under it are  drinking the same water.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Fortis mentioned, “Though the water used there is supplied by the MCG, we have sent some samples for tests to verify the reason of infection.”

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