Oil Spill Contaminates Drinking Water for Thousands in Mexico

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Article courtesy of  | April 15, 2015 | KRISTV.com Shared as educational material

MEXICO CITY – An oil spill in the southern Mexican state of Tabasco has left hundreds of thousands of people without drinking water.

 The spill, which was caused by an illegal tap on a pipeline in Villahermosa, leaked oil into a number of rivers in the area.As a result, the water was left unfit for human consumption.

The biggest impact has been felt along the Grijalva River, where five water treatment plants have been forced to close because of the contamination.State oil company Pemex said that the spill has been contained.

Booms could be seen out across the Grijalva river as a pump worked to clean oil from the water.

Trucks are being used to supply water to hospitals, public markets and schools.

But taps in the small town of pueblo Nuevo De Las Raices were still running dry.

Authorities expect to be able to reopen the treatment plants in the coming days as the oil washes away.

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