Western Drought: 10 Ways You Can Help Conserve Water

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Sprinkler systems can use a lot of water for residential and commercial lawns. During the drought, it might be best to let your ground go brown. Photo Courtesy: Thinkstock.com | iStockphoto.

Article courtesy of Staff Report | April 21, 2015 | Tahoe Daily Tribune | Shared as educational material

TAHOE-TRUCKEE, Calif. — We are told constantly to conserve water during a drought, but sometimes we might not now how.

We all have habits, but it can be beneficial need to break patterns in order to conserve. Here are 10 ways, as suggested by wateruseitwisely.com,to save water:

Buy a big gallon of water: Put it in the fridge and use it to avoid letting water run to get a cold drink. Fill it up again. Repeat.

Use your garbage disposal sparingly: Instead, compost food. On that note, when washing veggies and fruits, don’t run them under water. Use a pan of water instead.

Use a glass of water when brushing your teeth or shaving: The whole teeth brushing and shaving process can use a ton of water. Try one simple glass of water when brushing teeth or shaving to eliminate waste.

Shorten those showers: This one doesn’t need much explanation. Try to wash your hair, body and shave in a limited amount of time. While you’re at it, avoid taking baths.

Let the yellow mellow: Try not to flush your toilet as often. Make sure your toilet doesn’t leak, either. Put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank — if the colored water appears in the toilet bowl without flushing, your toilet has a leak.

Turn off the faucet: While you’re washing and rinsing dishes, don’t let the faucet run. Instead, try filling a container with water to use. Double-check the faucet for leaking, too. One drip every second adds up to five gallons a day.

Match your water level to your laundry load: You can save up to 50 gallons of water per load just by running a full load of clothes instead of partial loads.

If you’re going to garden, try collecting water: Whether it is from roof gutters, or your kitchen drain, reuse water for plants. Also, try applying mulch so your plants are more likely to survive with less water.

As for the lawn, let it go brown: Gardening is a hobby, and if you really enjoy it, then continue to garden, but let your lawn go.

Start teaching the next generation of water-users: Start teaching our children how to save water. Play fun games, reward kids for water tips they follow, and educate them on water conservation.

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