Colchester County Won’t Take Fracking Waste Water

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The Sewer Use Appeals Committee Chairman Tom Taggart.

Article courtesy of Truro Daily News | May 4, 2015 | Daily Business | Shared as educational material

“The Sewer Use Appeals Committee has unanimously decided to overturn the December 2014 decision of the director of Public Works to allow the discharge of treated fracking waste water into the sewer systems of Colchester County,” committee chairman Tom Taggart announced, at the conclusion of the April 30 council session.

Taggart later told the Truro Daily News that approximately 30 public appeals to the earlier decision had been received by the county.

A public session, which would have included expert speakers on the subject, had been slated for May but that meeting will not be necessary given the committee’s decision to overturn the previous approval.

Taggart said public opinion combined with the potential impact to tourism and the fact that an alternative disposal option is available – for use as a coolant in the cement kiln at the Lafarge plant in Pleasant Valley – all contributed to the committee’s decision.

“At the end of the day we’re committed to overturning the ruling,” Taggart said. “We weren’t comfortable with it. We’re happy that LaFarge is taking it.”

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