California Restaurant May Spark Water Conservation Revolution

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Photo Credit: KHQ

Article courtesy of Giovannia Yanez | May 4, 2015 | KHQ | Shared as educational material

BIG SUR, California- As California struggles to find new ways to conserve their dwindling water supply, there’s a chef that’s doing his part to cut back on water usage and spark a restaurant revolution.  All it takes is two ingredients: air and electricity.

Chef John Cox posted videos on Instagram showing his water-saving way to clean off dishes. Since then, he’s received calls and emails from restaurants across the country.  Chef Cox purchased an air compressor from Amazon for about $200 to clean the kitchen at his restaurant but he soon discovered the compressed air could be used in another way.

Dishwashers at the Post Ranch Inn Restaurant are using it to blast food particles off dirty plates. It costs less than a dollar a day in electricity.  The air compressor gets most of the food off the plates and then, the dishes are put into the washer to be sanitized.  Using air to clean off dirty dishes saves more than 800 gallons of water a day.

If California’s 60,000 restaurants all switched to compressed air to pre-clean plates, they could save more than 10 billion gallons of water per year.

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