Florida Man Loses Leg After Contracting Flesh-eating Bacteria in Gulf waters

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Photo credit: NBC2 News, Fort Myers

Article courtesy of wfla | May 6, 2015 | fwla.com | Shared as educational material

A Fort Myers man lost his leg after he contracted a flesh-eating bacteria during a walk along the beach.

Zach Mody tells NBC2 News in Fort Myers that he ended up in the hospital after going in the water off Fort Myers Beach with a minor cut on his foot about a month ago.

Photo credit: NBC2 News, Fort Myers

“The water had just splashed over my foot and I didn’t think anything about it,” Mody told NBC2 News. “I would have never thought in a million years this would have happened to me.”

Mody says he noticed a problem right away. He says his foot started bothering him and he had a little red spot on it.

Only 12 hours later, the pain became so unbearable that he checked himself into the hospital where the infection spread quickly up his leg.

After just 24 hours, doctors had to amputate Mody’s leg in order to save his life.

Health experts caution people with open wounds to think twice about going in the water. A few steps in the Gulf were enough to change Mody’s life.

“This is horrible. It hurts. The mental aspect you have to have to keep a smile on your face to go through something like this, I don’t know how I’m doing it,” Mody said.

Recent water tests came back negative for any dangerous levels of bacteria.

NBC2 News contributed to this report. Copyright 2015 WFLA. All rights reserved.

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