EPA Investigating Possibility of Lead Contamination of Ground Water from State Shooting Range in Sweet Valley

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Article courtesy of Jerry Lynott | May 23, 2015 | Times Leader | Shared as educational material

Brian Gallagher lives about 2,000 feet from a state shooting range and the sound of gunshots aren’t far off. This former U.S. Navy fighter pilot is worried about lead contamination in ground water that feeds his well and nearby Arnold Creek where trout naturally reproduce. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found lead migrated off site from the State Game Lands 206 range along Patla Round and took water samples from runoff to test for elevated levels of the metal that can cause adverse health effects in people. He pointed out algae in standing water in drainage ditches and scooped out a handful of the media behind the rifle range target backstop to show it was wet beneath the surface. He also picked up remnants of metal jackets that once encased lead bullets that he said were pulverized when they struck a rock ledge covered by the media. Advised by the EPA that all water cannot carry lead, Gallagher said he had his tested and it’s within the range that can carry it. For full article read here : http://bit.ly/2ssPfdy

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